Built-In Flexibility to Fit the Needs of Every Industry and Niche

ANYA has the solutions, industry, and contact center know-how to help you increase customer satisfaction and increase revenues. Whether you choose our inbound, outbound, blended, interactive, or social solution, you are armed with a system designed to handle all types of business and industry applications.

Cutting-Edge Communication for Every Type of Vertical

Built to Thrive in Any Ecosystem

Combining an impressive variety of channels to choose from with a wide selection of software integrations, ANYA can be customized to serve multiple purposes.

From handling the customer service department of a modest e-commerce business to powering a full-fledged BPO that runs multiple blended (inbound + outbound) campaigns at a time, ANYA delivers quality communication in every situation.

One Solution for All Industries

Banking and Financial Services

ANYA can easily power call centers dedicated to the banking and financial sectors for multiple and complex use cases:

  • Loans Promotion, Origination, and Management
  • Payment processing
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance
  • Debt collection and more

Medical Services

ANYA will organize all the incoming communication traffic of any type of hospital, clinic, medical insurance company, or other healthcare-related businesses that deal with:

  • Customer Services
  • Vaccine Administration
  • Appointments
  • Analysis of results


At the moment, there is hardly any retail business that does not have an online presence. ANYA will help your business achieve the highest level of client communication in more than one way:

  • Offer personalized communication
  • Boost client retention
  • Save time and request solving efficiency
  • Insurance
  • Reach clients over their preferred channel

Sales and Lead Generation

The niche of sales and lead generation is lacking a centralizing method to manage all the outbound activity and is not taking full advantage of its tremendous potential. Here is where ANYA comes into play.

  • Automate the selling processes
  • Leverage callbacks based on disposition
  • Diversify contact methods using social media


The high influx of yearly applicants proves to be a hard nut to crack for education institutions across the globe. The representative agent team will be more than happy to have access to…

  • An automatic recruiting process
  • Centralizing data platform for applicants
  • Live update function for the applicant’s file
  • Manage multiple campuses from a single platform


The outsourcing niche is growing at a rapid pace. The demands of those businesses that choose to delegate their communication are on a constant rise. This is why the software that powers a BPO can make all the difference in terms of business success.

  • Offer fully compliant solutions
  • Cover virtually every communication channel
  • Leverage cloud technology for nimble software integrations
  • Benefit from ongoing premium support 24/7/365


Communication is an integrated part of effective public governance. Meeting the public needs in a timely and elegant manner is paramount for call center departments that are funded by constituents’ taxes.

  • National and regional compliant solution
  • Responsive channel-agnostic technology
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Seamless outbound and inbound interactions


Regardless of industry or application, every High-Tech provider (SaaS, Consumer Electronics, Cyber Security etc.) needs to have a solid customer service department, equipped with the latest tools for seamless and secure communication.

  • Innovative one-platform omnichannel solution
  • Great customer engagement tools
  • Simple Setup
  • Impressive integrations stack
  • Sales-optimized tools

Debt Collection

Get a taste of what it means to boost your collection efforts with the dedicated collections communication system capable of integrating various communication channels into one single working platform:

  • Uninterrupted interaction
  • A complete history of debtor interactions
  • Less unintentional errors
  • Better overall recovery rates

Travel and Hospitality

With the advent of the online booking culture, the landscape of the travel and hospitality industry has changed dramatically. This is why the client-relations departments need to rise to the occasion…

  • Omnichannel for a seamless agent-client interaction
  • CRM integration
  • Smart routing
  • Self-Service for automatic booking

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