Interact With Clients on Their Favorite Channel

Including Email, Voice, SMS, Webchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp for a Better Customer Experience

Cloud-Based Powerhouse with Intelligent Functions

Work from Anywhere


ANYA cloud-based virtual call center solution meets the challenges of a remote call center and enables you to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world. ANYA allows you to optimize geographic presence with the ideal combination of local and remote resources.

Intuitive and Ergonomic Agent Interface


With ANYA’s omnichannel call center software, from a single unique agent desktop a call center agent can see the entire customer journey across all communication channels and provide a meaningful and personal customer experience.

Highly Customizable Reporting


ANYA provides quick and easy access to a wide variety of real-time and historical statistical data points that can be generated, filtered and personalized by specific KPIs and data sets.

Preset Performance KPIs for Call Centers


ANYA’s reports and dashboards provide powerful tools for analyzing trends. Gain a comprehensive view of your activity across all channels and make informed decisions to improve customer service performance, outbound call campaigns and NPS satisfaction ratings.

The Importance of a Cloud Contact Center Software

Contact center interactions have gone beyond traditional voice calls. Currently, performance is measured by the number of communication channels that a contact center can manage.

Whether it is to interact by email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp one thing is certain: the number of channels that a center can manage is directly proportional to the business opportunities to which it is exposed.

ANYA is a software specially designed to manage all the operations carried out by a contact center, regardless of size, number of agents, industry in which it operates or the business model it adopts.

ANYA Omnichannel

ANYA can manage virtually any type of media, across multiple communication channels. A true omnichannel solution can run complex inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns from a single platform, centralizing all data and communication flows into a highly intuitive interface.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram Media
  • Voice Calls & SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Web Callback
  • Live Chat
  • Email
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How does it work?

ANYA provides customer interactions across all media, managed in one place, regardless of how customers reach out to you.

Our contact center software is built to manage multiple channels. It manages calls, emails, chats, social networks, and instant messages into a seamless conversation. All within a single tool, to consistently enhance customer satisfaction.

The entire communication process is centralized into a single cloud environment designed to host all necessary tools for an efficient call center, irrespective of its size or complexity.

Besides being able to work with virtually every type of communication channel, ANYA controls the entire communication process, starting with the first contact and across the entire customer journey.

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