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ANYA is a Complete Cloud Contact Center Software with True Omnichannel Capabilities.

A Flexible Approach to a Truly Customizable Contact Center

Over recent years, the number of available customer service solutions has increased. Companies can now improve their customer communications with a wide variety of technologies like Live Chat and messaging services.

More and more companies are taking advantage of these new technologies. Yet many are still using outdated legacy solutions that often leave both their customer service team and customers unsatisfied and frustrated.

Knowing which tools to adopt in your contact center can be a challenge. Thankfully, ANYA’s feature-rich Cloud Contact Center Solution can empower your agents and delight your customers with all the tools you need to effectively interact with the channels your customers want to use to communicate.

Build your own custom software ecosystem

The versatility of a software solution is measured in the number of integrations it is able to support.

A mature platform such as ANYA offers a wide range of integrations, taking the utility of any call center to new heights.

ANYA is designed to seamlessly integrate an impressive series of third-party applications from CRM software and cloud computing solutions to database management, payment processing apps and the list goes on…

Basically, ANYA can be customized to serve virtually any type of industry, with little to no custom software development sessions.

ANYA is quick, powerful & flexible

Integrate your contact center solution with your CRM and your business intelligence applications to boost your productivity and give your customers a more personalized experience. ANYA offers an open contact center solution that integrates your business process requirements.

ANYA offers a wide range of APIs and methods to integrate your contact center with your CRM, WFO, WFM, speech analytics, AI, chatbots, mobile, and other applications to increase your agent’s productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

  • CRM & ERP Connectors
  • Scorecards & QA Solutions
  • Speech Analytics & NLP
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Chatbots
  • Voice Bots & Transcription
  • APIs & web services
  • Legacy Applications


ANYA Integrations

Fully Compliant

Cloud Contact Center Software

Complying with government and industry regulations is mandatory for any contact center. Contact centers that handle sensitive information like credit card information, personal health information, cardholder info, and any personal information are legally obligated to follow regulations set by the government and regulatory organizations. These regulations and laws protect customers and regulate contact centers to ensure customer safety.

ANYA cloud contact center software is fully compliant and features many advanced security measures to protect customer information and sensitive data.

PCI Compliance
SOC2 Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
GDPR Compliance
TCPA Compliance

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